Skin Packaging Card

Skin Packaging Card

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IMPRESSIONS is one the only sources in India for Skin packaging A.K.A Vacuum Packaging.

The basic packaging process involves a heat sensitive adhesive or coating on a printed paperboard of a special quality, and surlyn skin film (a plastic, flexible, transparent film) is used to seal the product or item between the paperboard and film. Special die cut cards with customised graphical designs/product images can be used to improve the packaging and product display. 

Chief Characteristics of Skin packaging :

  • 100% display of products 
  • Economical packaging cost. 
  • Minimized packaging material
  • Eco-friendly material which disintegrate quickly in nature.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • No fear of Pilferage and theft. 
  • Less space required for display. 


Availability of Skin packaging boards in a variety of sizes and thickness ranging from 260gsm to 1600gsm.